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    Racial suicide all in the name of equality is insane. In the Klan’s opinion, it shows a lack of love and caring for the White Race. The Klan believes Whites are superior to the Non-Whites. When someone comes to a Klansman and makes the comment, ‘we are all God’s creation and the only difference in the Race’s is the color of the skin’, we tell them that they are partially correct. God is the creator, and he did create us all, but there is a world of difference between the races besides skin color.

    Why are so many people bent on promoting race-mixing and racial equality? Because, it is Satan’s goal to have us violate our Heavenly Father’s law on mixing our seed with the other people of the world. What use to be wrong is now right. What use to be bad is now good. Our world has been turned upside down and we have only ourselves to blame for being so gullible.

    The Federal Government promotes the destruction of our race through its many programs. They require that business’ hire based on race rather than qualifications, they call this Affirmative Action. The Government supports mass Non-White integration. When the hordes of Third Worlders that enter our country can not work, they go on Welfare. The Welfare Program allows the White people to pay for the Non-White people of the Country to eat and live, while at the same time causing the White people to lack in necessary funds to have children of their own. Our race, through the Government’s power, now has the lowest birth rate. White Men and Women can not have children because they pay ‘mandatory child support’ in the name of TAXES. Our Government promotes Race-Mixing through integration. Our Children are forced to go to school with every race under the sun. They are being taught that the races are equal. When did race-relations become part of educational curriculum? Our Children are being brainwashed all in the name of ‘Humanity’.

    White people have practiced segregation throughout History. It is conclusive to believe this due to the fact the White Race has flourished throughout History rather than dwindling such as we are during this time of accepted race-mixing. The inequalities of the Races have never been more apparent than that in the Bible. Here are just a few Bible scriptures:

    Exodus 33:16 "So shall we be separated: I and thy people, from all the people that are upon the face of the Earth"

    Leviticus 20:24 " I am the Lord they God which have separated you from other people"

    Joshua 23:12-13 "If you do in any way go back and cleave unto the remnants of these Nations, even these that remain among you, and shall make marriages with them, and go in unto them and they unto you: Know for a certainty That there shall be snares and traps unto you, and scourges in your side and thornes in your eyes. Until ye perish off from this good land which the Lord your God has given you."

    The list goes on and on: Deuteronomy 7:3, Proverbs 23:27, Psalm 144:11-12, Hosea 5:6-7. So We, the True Chosen people of God, the True Tribes of Israel, are commanded not to Race mix. We are NOT EQUAL IN THE EYES OF YAHWEH.

    Do you recall the story in the Bible about the two cities, Sodom and Gomorrah? Well guess what, it is happening again today. Non-White cultures, Race-mixing, drug abuse, disease, Homosexuality, and criminals plague our cities. We, as a Nation of White Christians, have turned from Yahweh’s law and have embraced Satanic Order. Our punishment is the society in which we live today.

    The Double Standards that the Politicians use against us is blind to many. If a White man were to stand up and pronounce his pride for his Race and his Heritage, he is called a Racist and a Bigot. However, Non-Whites are encouraged to exhibit and promote pride in their Soul-less race. Today it is even deemed socially acceptable for Homosexuals to walk down the street and pronounce their Gay Pride.

    We see more and more All-Black TV programs that pollute the airwaves. Where are the White people in these Black Sitcoms? You can be sure to find a majority of the credits for these Back Sitcoms belonging to the Jews. In a Country where the Majority rules, you would think that the White Man would be in control and therefore rid this land of the evil that plagues it. But instead you have the parasitic Jew at the Head of Government. The Whites are discouraged from taking part in political events, while the Non-whites are very encouraged. This is apparent at any election time. The candidates can always be found having some sort of political rally in the Non-White sections of cities. Where as every single election, the Republican and the Democrat always promise to better the Non-White. The White man is told that it is wrong for him to belong to a pro-white organization. While at the same time it is greatly accepted for Negroes, Jews and Hispanics to belong to Pro-Race organizations. The Negroes have the NAACP watching their rights. L.U.L.A.C. is out there watching the Hispanics. The A.D.L. and the J.D.L. is out there to remind us of the Holocaust every chance they get. But, if a White Man were to join the Klan he would more than likely lose his job and be a social outcast.

    Our White National Holidays are currently being replaced. With the promotion of Pro-Black Holidays and Jewish Holidays, our White Culture is almost forgotten. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is now one of the most recognized Holidays by the people of the nation. Malcolm X, a known White Hater and terrorist, has a day set aside for him in the month of June. Kwaanza is now practiced throughout the Nation and dominates the News during its weeklong celebration. Juneteenth is celebrated here in Texas. Why?. The Negroes here in Texas found out that they were freed two years after the fact. So in essence they celebrate their stupidity. Jewish (Satanic) Holidays are taking precedent over Christian Holidays.

    If the Races are to be equal, then why is it that many White people leave the cities to get away from the Non-White elements that plague our cities today? White Flight is what it is called. Soon there will be no place for us to run to, we will be forced to strike back against the system that works to destroy us and the pawns they use.

    Whites are becoming more and more distrustful of the two-faced, double-minded Federal Government. The Government demands equality while at the same time promotes the discrimination of White people. It seems apparent to the Klan that the Federal Government no longer represents White Christian America.

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    A Double standard is when rules do not apply equally to all groups. It can also be a set of principles allowing greater opportunity or liberty to one group than to another.

    Today, Whites face a wide range of double standards. Whites are told that we should not think in terms of our race with pride, but non-whites are urged to promote their race. Whites are told that we should step aside in the political arena and allow non-whites more political power. At the same time non-whites are urged to get more involved and to take greater authority in politics. Non-white politicians openly say that in areas were their numbers are in the majority they should be the only ones that should be allowed to represent their people, while at the same time whites are told when it comes to politics we should be colored blind.

    Whites are told it is wrong to have an organization, association or group that promotes our race or that it's membership is predominantly White or all White. At the same time non-whites are given approval to organize one group after another.

    It is always curious how there can be a "Miss Black America" pageant, but the establisment would never allow a "Miss White America" pageant. In many schools around the country, blacks can wear black power T-shirts with a black fist on front, but White students are expelled if they brandish a "White Power" symbol or a Confederate flag.

    If you join the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People), L.U.L.A.C. (League of United Latin American Citizens), you are given the thumbs up. However, if you join a pro-White group that promotes the history, heritage, culture of the White race, you are given thumbs down and called a hater and a racist. In history blacks and other non-whites are viewed in a proud and positive way. But "look out" when it comes to Whites. Nearly everything that has gone wrong is blamed on Whites today.

    Whites are told of how bad we treated the Indians, we're told that we stole Texas from Mexico, we're told that Whites have been a leading factor in the destruction of our environment.

    The reputations of some of our White hero's from the Founding Fathers to the men at the Alamo are under constant attack. If this double standard continues, the White youth will have had it's past stripped away from it.

    Whites will have no foundation on which to continue. Our Christian civilization, culture and history will cease to exist and all because of lies from those that want their culture to be the dominant one in America. White Christians are under attack and the double standard rules imposed on our people strengthens our opposition while weakening our race.

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    We’re often asked if there will be a race war in America's future. Our answer to this question is “yes”. What most people don't realize is there are racial battles breaking out all across America right now. These racial battles are going to lead us into an all out race war. As the non-white race population is growing the White population is decreasing.

    Our constitution was designed for White Christian America by White Christians and is not going to be adequate for or accepted by non-whites in the future. Today most Blacks and other non-whites blame White's for everything that has gone wrong in their communities. They expect White taxpayers to financially fix their problems for them; White's are tired of taking the blame and or no longer willing or able to support non-white communities. This of course will breed even more hatred against Whites.

    Organized Black groups such as the Nation of Islam are working for the day when White's will be enslaved and all White American history will be destroyed. Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam leader, has worked diligently to build an army of Black men and women to wage a war against White America. Many of his recruits come right out of prison and street gangs. They are the most violent people to walk the streets of America today.

    White police officers are finding it almost impossible to enforce the law in non-white communities for fear of starting a riot or being charged with violating some non-white's civil rights. Our American economy is going to play a major factor in the upcoming race conflict. As more and more factories leave for foreign shores, leaving us with fewer good paying jobs and with cuts in federal minority programs.

    We believe that the Federal Government has become an enemy to White America and seems to be helping to bring about a race conflict. White Christian Israelites were never permitted to mix with other races, but for years the Federal Government has pushed race-mixing and uncontrolled non-white immigration into our country. The Feds have pushed the races together and all it’s accomplished is more violence in our schools and neighborhoods.

    Satan’s' children, “jews” have worked long and hard to destroy White America and the followers of Christ. Racial unrest and conflict is just another way of attacking God's chosen people. White's are being robbed, raped and murdered at an ever-increasing rate by non-whites. Our prison systems are overflowing with non-whites that hate our people. Its been reported that blacks make up only 12.5% of our nations population, yet they make up over 60% of the prison population and non-whites in general make up over 80% of the total prison population. It’s obvious who is committing the majority of crimes in America. It’s getting to the point that White's aren't going to be able to pay and maintain this destructive trend much longer.

    Our civilization is deteriorating because of a social experiment called racial equality. Forced on us by the unholy satanic government. The uniform that will make up the different players in the coming war will be the color of ones skin. The White Camelia Knights of the Ku Klux Klan believes it is time for Whites' to prepare for what will be a harsh and bloody struggle, not just between the races, but a battle between the forces of good and evil.

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    "Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed , when cometh in in the glory of his Father with the holy angels"

    --Jesus Christ, Mark 8:38

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